• Closing Efforts System

    LMI G-Whiz 

    Wirelessly Measure Closure Velocity

The G-Whiz is a wireless device designed to measure Closure Velocity and Force and Wirelessly send readings to a PC or Assembly Information System Controller.

The G-Whiz is easily attached to the door using the vaccum cup. One press of the button will start the measurement test. Once the door or sliding door has been closed, the Velocity or work will be displayed based on user-definable limits that are set within the G-Whiz. The user can re-test or wirelessly send the measurement.

Know more About G-Whiz

G-Whiz Features

  Wireless data transmission.

 Simple to program and use.

 Robust design.

 Vacuum cup to attach to any closure.

 Easy to grip handle and vacuum cup.

Software Features

 Automatic Test Sequencing.

 Data routines for up to five doors and ten models.