• DataMyte
    LightStar™ Torque Wrench

    Precision You Can Trust, Every Time.

  • DataMyte Revolution 

    Connect Worker, Increase Productivity.

  • LMI G-Force

    Wirelessly Measure Closing Velocity, 

    Force and Energy.

  • LMI G-Whiz 

    Wirelessly Measure Closure Velocity

  • LMI Wireless Seal Gap Systems

    Accuracy, Repeatability, Durability and Simplicity.

  • LaserGauge HS763

    Cross-Vector Laser Sensors

  • LaserGauge HS702 &


    Single Stripe Laser Sensors

  • Skelex 360-XFR

    The ultimate exoskeleton for overhead work. 

  • Muscle Suit Every

    Easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Mountz

    FGA Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers

    Redefining Fastening Reliability

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  • Mountz

    TorqueLab LTT Series Torque Analyzer

    Calibrate, Validate and Maintain Your Tools

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