• LMI Wireless Seal Gap


    Accuracy, Repeatability, Durability & Simplicity.

The System eliminates the need for inconvenient tools like feeler gauges, clay, calipers, and thumbscrews when checking gaps between the door and door opening flange or deck lid and deck lid opening flange.

To inspect a vehicle, simply place the Hub inside the car and attach the 237W or 238W Seal Gap Gauge(s) to the flange. Then, use the door magnets to align the door or deck lid and sample the readings. The system conveniently stores the data in a file format that can be easily used in your SPC program.

Precision, Consistency, Resilience, Ease-of-use

Know more About Seal Gap Systems

System Features 

The Seal Gap System offers repeatable gauging using a variety of LMI tools, such as the LMI MINI and Ultra MINI Seal Gap Gauges for doors, deck lids, and lift gates. Custom gauges can also be provided.

The system's gauges and hub are robustly constructed and utilize solid-state RF technology, resulting in a highly durable and reliable performance.

The system is versatile, suitable for a range of applications including prototype build, wind tunnel testing, body shop operations, and final assembly evaluation.

Software Features

The system provides a user-friendly interface with a colorful graphics screen, allowing users to view and sample live readings. This feature enables the verification of part quality in a visual manner, enhancing the overall assessment process.

UGI graphics lets the user configure multiple or single part file graphic per part or component.

Global inputs and exports are now embedded into UGI to help better track and organize data that is being collected.

Wireless Seal Gap System

  LED Status Indicators.

 Available 4 port recharging


 Battery Life 8 hours of

  continuous usage.

Ultra Mini Wireless Gauge

 Ultra-Mini Design good for

  tight checks.

 Spring loaded Tips.

 Custom Travels Available.

Standard Wireless Gauge

 Standard Magnetic Gauge.

 Spring loaded Tips.

 Custom Travels Available.

Clamp-on Wireless Gauge

 Clamp-On Gage.


 Spring loaded Tips.


 Custom Travels Available.


 Available in Ultra Mini.