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    Turn your data into useful insights

What are KPIs?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable and strategic metrics utilized to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of an organization, specific departments, projects, or initiatives within the company. These measurements offer a comprehensive view of progress towards achieving predefined goals and objectives. 
When set and used properly, KPIs helps senior managers and stakeholders to monitor how the organization is performing. KPIs help in optimizing resource allocation and driving continuous improvement across various facets of the business to ensure sustained growth and success.
KPI Software for manufacturing

Your data, your way

Smart KPI is an in-premises installed software which helps you monitor your KPIs while keeping the data within your premises. This ensures compliance with data protection regulations and providing you with ultimate control over your valuable information.


Improved Decision Making

Smart KPI provides actionable insights from your data to help you take data driven decisions.

User Friendly

Smart KPI user friendly interface allows you to manage all your KPIs in modern way instead of managing individual Excel sheets.

Easy Collaboration

Smart KPI allows you to manage your KPIs within a team environment with strong user management to handle your data.

Access Anywhere

Smart KPI software is a web-based application installed on-premises, accessible from any LAN connected workstation without individual installations.

Get started with your data

Add Users

Smart KPI enables you to incorporate various users and allocate them personalized permissions, enhancing user management capabilities.

Define KPIs

Define your own KPIs, set target values for them, and allocate them to specific users.

Set Targets

Establish specific targets for your KPIs within a customized timeframe to monitor and compare them with the actual values.

Collect Data

After the KPIs are allocated, users can input actual values at specified frequencies, including daily, monthly, quarterly etc.

Monitor KPIs

Smart KPI enables the creation of custom dashboards with predefined date ranges to monitor KPIs assigned to users.

Centralized solution for your KPIs

Smart KPI enables users to define their own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and assign them to specific departments and users, streamlining data management in a more efficient manner compared to traditional Excel and spreadsheets.

Custom Dashboard
KPI Software for manufacturing

Collect data based on frequency

Real-time data collection in Smart KPI enables users to input KPI data at user-defined frequencies, including daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly intervals.

Track performance in real time

Design and personalize your dashboard in Smart KPI to effectively track and analyze KPI trends and progress. Utilize filters for comprehensive monitoring and insightful data analysis.


  • Add Users, Departments and Locations.
  • Define Roles for users (control by Admin).
  • Create your own KPIs and assign them to Users.
  • Provision to add Calculated KPIs.
  • Define Frequency for KPIs, allocate them to Departments.
  • Set user defined Targets.
  • Input KPI data in real time.
  • Create Dashboards based on custom date range.

KPI Dashboards

Quality KPI Dashboard

  • Defect Rate
  • Cost of Quality
  • First Pass Yield (FPY)
  • Supplier Quality
  • Return Rate

Production KPI Dashboard

  • Daily/Monthly Production
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Production Cycle Time
  • Yield Rate
  • Throughput