• Next Generation Closing Efforts System.

    LMI G-Force 

    Wirelessly Measure Closing Velocity, Force and Energy.

The G-Force is a wireless device designed to measure Closure Velocity, Force and Energy and Wirelessly send readings to a PC or Assembly Information System Controller.

The G-Force is easily attached to a closure using the vaccum cup. One press of the button will start the measurement test. Once the door, deck-lid, lift-gate, or sliding door has been closed, the Velocity, Force, and Energy are displayed and red/green LED will indicate pass or fail based on the limits that are set in the G-Force. The user can re-test or wirelessly send the measurement.

Energy, Force, And Velocity In One Tool!!

Know more About G-Force

Software Features

 Automatic Test Sequencing.

 Data routines for up to five doors on ten models.

 Easy to view graphs for Velocity, Force, Work,

and Acceleration.

 Choose between peak velocity and closing velocity.

LMI G-Force Features 

 Single device for Velocity, Force, and Work.

 Wireless BTLE data transmission.

 Simple to configure and use.

 Robust design.

 Vacuum cup with fine tuning adjustment feet 

to attach to any closure.

 Long-lasting Lithium Ion battery.

G-Force Utility Software

LMI's G-Force Utility software allows the user to change, rename, modify, and doors and models within the G-Force. Simply connect the G-Force to the computer through the included USB Type-C cable and double-click on the G-Force Utility icon to start the software.

In addition to configuring the G-Force, the software also allows the user to download Velocity, Force, Work, and Acceleration charts for the last test ran on the G-Force.