• Connect Worker, Increase Productivity.


    The next-gen mobile data collector that connects workers, boosts productivity and ensures data integrity.

Data Assurance

Collect data with easy to reference setups and the highest degree of data integrity.

Simple Scans

Quick start audit routes with built-in scanning capability for barcodes, ID Badges, and RFID.

Error Proofing

Automated poke-yoke designed to remove operator error and system failures.

Auto Gauge ID

Eliminate wrong gauge usage with clear names and serial numbers stated on the device.

Connect Worker, 
Increase Productivity.

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Universal Connectivity 

Trust the Revolution, the versatile and rugged Data Intelligence Device for critical measurements and reliable data capture. With robust connectivity, it collects data from 1000s of gauges across applications.


Reliable Reporting

Revolution: Superior data collection and reporting. Identify missed readings, non-conformance, analyze fasteners, and perform statistical analysis. Integration with DataMetrics Insight enhances SPC.


Alerts & Notifications

Empower your team with real-time alerts, cause assignment, and corrective actions. Enhanced reporting highlights areas needing correction. Revolution system drives feedback, visibility, and personnel accountability.


Set your Team up to Improve

Streamline data upload with configurable prompts. Advanced options prevent false alarms in alert and notification settings. Continuous WiFi ensures timely data upload and keeps the collection process seamless.


Possibility of connection with thousands of calibers

Wired or wireless measurement

WiFi enabled for advanced data upload options

Offline data collection for high data traceability

DATAMYTE™ REVOLUTION Portable Data Intelligence Device for measurement applications 

• Universal connectivity to hundreds of gauge types and brands.

• Rugged, durable construction.

•Near real-time event communication with alerts, notifications and escalations.

• Integration with digital workflow data collection software.

Extreme Durability

  • Drop tested to concrete
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Gorilla glass touch screen
  • Resistant to oil, water, cutting fluids, and dust

Enhanced User Experience

  • Oversized color touch screen
  • Google-like search capability
  • Step-by-step directions & illustrations
  • Improved UI


• Residual Torque Audit

• Other Variable Data

• Digital and Analog 


• Visual Attribute

• LMI Applications

• Checklists

• Gap & Flush

• Escalations