• Muscle Suit Every

    Easy for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Make Life Lighter

From lightening the load on your back at work to helping with daily labor-intensive activities. Muscle Suit Every is an assistive suit created to help all people live healthy lifestyles.




Reasonably Priced

Simple to Use

Eco Friendly

Uses inexhaustible source of energy

Artificial muscle

The Muscle Suit uses a McKibben-type artificial muscle as its driving force. The rubber tube is encased in a mesh made from polyester monofilament and both ends are secured with metal in this simple configuration.

Operating Principle

The Muscle Suit is made up of a back frame and thigh frame, and a rotation axis that connects the two. The upper end of the artificial muscle is affixed to the upper portion of the back frame, and the connected wire is affixed to the rotation axis at the lower end. With the compression of the artificial muscle, the wire is pulled and the back frame rotates around the rotation axis. As the thigh frame, which is affixed to the rotation axis, rotates in the opposite direction, the upper body is held upright using the thighs as the fulcrum.


Types: Soft Fit / Tight Fit

Dimensions: Small/Medium : 805mm/465mm/170mm Medium/Large : 840mm/465mm/170mm
Product Weight: 3.8 kg
Driving Force: Compressed Air
Assistive Force: 25.5 kgf (100 Nm)
Operating Temperature: -30 Degree C ~ 50 Degree C